1. Interesting #mileage I reached. Now to find out they recently put a #recall out on my #car that cant be repaired till october, wah. #alero #golden #repairmycarnowplease #gm

  2. Got home and found a #pug stuck in our #recycle bin. Got him out once he stopped growling. #dog #sad #puppy


  3. simpilcity:

    That terrible moment when you have to stare at yourself in the mirror while getting a haircut….

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  4. netlfix:

    imagine bumping into 2007 you at the mall

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  5. greed:

    i want to kiss you and take cute pictures with you and go on stupid dates but I also want kill you for making me feel things

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  6. "I lost my mind
    trying to find yours."
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  7. "I dreamed. I dreamed as if the dream was waiting for me, waiting for the moment I fell asleep."

  9. Here’s the Thing…

    Here’s the thing….I will fucking kill you.

    Bought a new bed set. So far Goblin’s cat hair is not sticking on it as badly as it had on my former set which is grand.

    You of all people shouldn’t have that power over me. All it took was him saying your name in a snide remark to me, like a knife. I mean I suppose I kinda deserved it, and I think I handled it pretty well on account of people laughed harder at my smartass reply than his initial statement- but either way i felt a certain way about it, and I felt my senses going into fight or flight. Crazy how people from our, well I guess our childhood, can leave such an impact, where you don’t know if the negative wording of their name should be warded off with a shield to defend yourself, or if you should wield a sword and attack the one who had even thought to mention them.

  11. What #creeps. @_dizzkhalifa #masks #halloween #partycity

  12. @_dizzkhalifa is a #clown and im a #baby. #halloween #mask #partycity

  13. Were the #cutest. #halloween #partycity #walrus

  14. @_dizzkhalifa and I are ready for the #apocalypse. #partycity #halloween #gasmask

  15. Reasons @_dizzkhalifa and I shouldn’t be allowed in #halloween stores. #partycity #cat #mask